Investment Approach

FCP's investment approach is designed to capitalize on opportunities that lack broad based appeal as core strategies but display favorable risk/return profiles.

FCP emphasizes investments and programs that conform to the following crucial criteria:

Consistent Yield

Consistency and duration of distributable cash flow are what drive performance over the long term. FCP balances this objective against transaction, duration and market risk factors to optimize yield and overall investment results.

Value Added Approach

FCP primarily targets investments in real estate operationally dependent sectors that by their nature require a significant degree of operating expertise to generate sustainable returns. FCP believes that true value creation is generated through exceptional operational performance as opposed to financial engineering. Our investment professionals are seasoned operators and developers with extensive track records in optimizing underlying operations to drive investment returns. Emphasis on operating intensive sectors lessens the competition and improves pricing strength.

Flexible Approach

FCP will on occasion pursue opportunities across the entire capital spectrum from first mortgage debt to private equity. This flexibility broadens the range of attractive investments available to FCP and its investors in addition to its primary focus.